Unsecured Credit Cards

Unsecured Credit Cards

People who don’t use credit cards are unable to get the special benefits that credit cards offer. By getting an unsecured credit card, they can take advantage of buyer protection, warranty extensions that are charged automatically, free travel insurance, birthday discounts and much more.

Beginning Credit:

Young people just starting out can apply for an unsecured credit card while they are still in college. As long as they don’t charge their cards to the limit and regularly pay them off, this is their first positive step in building a good, stabile credit history. This credit worthiness will be worth its weight in gold when they get married and want to buy a house.

Unsecured Credit Cards:

Non-secured credit cards are much easier to use in building good credit than secured credit cards. Most of the time that people apply for secured credit cards is because their credit report has derogatory entries on it. These could be from a foreclosure, late payments, too much credit or a bankruptcy. So, a person with a non-secured credit card is already higher up on the credit scale just by the type of credit card he has.

Regular Pay-Offs:

Paying off a non-secured credit card monthly puts a borrower in the fast lane of obtaining credit. As more payoffs are made, the credit card holder will be granted more and more credit. There is a danger in this, of course, but as long as a non-secured credit card holder is financially responsible and makes his payments on time, he will be considered credit worthy.

Lower Fees:

Secured credit cards have a higher interest rate, which translates to less credit. Payments are higher and many secured credit card lenders charge handling fees and yearly reinstatement payments. These charges can really add up. However, by starting with a secured credit card and making regular, on-time payments, a borrower may be able to obtain a non-secured credit card in the future. Going from secured to non-secured usually takes around a year to accomplish.

Call the Credit Card Company:

If a person has been diligent in paying off his secured card every month and is never late on his payments, he can call the credit card company in six months and request a non-secured credit card. There is a good chance that he will get it because credit card companies want to keep good borrowers.

Check Out Our Offers:

You can take a look at the offers we have posted for non-secured credit cards. Maybe you will see the perks that you have been searching for in a credit card. If so, it would be to your benefit to apply for one or two of our cards offered on this site. If your credit is good, you will stand an excellent chance of being approved. You’ll be happy with the benefits our cards offer.